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Book Of Happiness, a blackly satirical illustration of British Prime Minister's Happiness Index

Happiness is a small Book about a Big Idea!

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The Big Idea Of The Year* (2011)- A Happiness Index.

Book of Happiness Animation

Thank you to the British Prime Minister David Cameron and his enthusiasm, for the bestest Big Idea Of The Year* (2011)!  His driving ambition to create a "Happiness Index" brought about the launch of this wonderful Little Book of Happiness for your enjoyment, entertainment and prosperity. 

Now you have an opportunity to share in the Prime Minister's Big Vision, to enjoy it and to use it to improve your community, here's how:-

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Background - 3 Steps To Happiness

Step 1 - The Prime Minister's plan was to measure the state of Happiness in the country (no idea why, but since when has that stopped a politician spending tax-payers money on something "visionary"?).  But how do you measure Happiness in a country beset with austerity, a government hell-bent on spending cuts like an Amazonian rain forest timber gang on a slash and burn spree and a recession that has seen millions of young people thrown on the same sacrificial mountain of unemployment and despair as those from the 1930s, 1970s and 1980s?

British artists create satirical book of art from Prime Minister's Big IdeaStep 2 - The Little Book of Happiness is a blackly-comic series of satirical illustrations created with the help of British artists (British jobs for British workers, remember that one?) to help you measure your position in the scale of happiness in Britain.

An index of ten Key Stages from Agony to Ecstasy in an A3 poster-sized format for you to hang on your wall and enjoy the delights of Britain in the throes of political radicalism, again.  But there is another, vitally important reason for this Book of Happiness - to provide a real solution for you and your community, to get us all out of the gutter of recession and austerity and revive this country's fortunes with a new age of prosperity. 

Action For ProsperityStep 3 - This is the Action For Prosperity Plan, an independent strategy to revive the economy.  The Book Of Happiness will raise the funds for a range of creative projects in science, technology and the arts.

Read more below or get started and buy now.

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Special NOTICE -
Icon to Buy the Student Edition of Book of Happiness now.Collector's Limited Edition




Owing to a couple of typos that slipped through the editing process a thousand copies of the BoH have become a distinct Special Collector's Limited Edition.

This Special Edition is the only version of the Book Of Happiness currently on sale at a special price that refelects the unique value of
the Book now and in the future. 

The Book Of Happiness Special Edition is being offered to the public as part of the Action For Prosperity crowd fund-raising campaign appeal to support a range of creative projects to stimulate new job creation and economic growth in technology and the arts.

To identify if you have a special edition, just look on the front page, the cover has one spelling mistake on the wording radiating from the sun: "Privilages".  If your copy of the Book of Happiness has the spelling mistake then you've got one of the thousand. Buy your copy today, it's the perfect gift for all occasions.

Each copy of the Special Edition will be signed by the author and individuallyt numberedKEEP IT SAFE, as time passes and people realize the uniqueness of this Special Edition it may rise in value and one day be worth its weight in gold.

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You can help the BoH by spreading the word, use these "Share" links for your online social profiles, tell your friends and more. 
Let's all enjoy the entertainment of the Prime Minister's Big Idea! 
Here's are samples from the Book of Happiness......

Book Of Happiness - Eviction Notice
Book Of Happiness - Painful in Afghanistan
Book Of Happiness - Alan and all his little Apprentices
Book Of Happiness - Happy Christmas
Book Of Happiness - Joyous Christmas
Book Of Happiness - Open Market NHS
Book Of Happiness - Light At The End Of The tunnel

(Hover your mouse over the image to freeze it.)


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Link to buy the Book of Happiness, inspired by British prime Minister David Cameron's Happiness IndexChildren's Board Game - "Paths Of Wisdom"™

What?!  You want more!? 
Oh, all right. How about a board game for all the family?

"Snakes & Ladders: Paths Of Wisdom"™ is a new version of the ancient children's board game invented to teach moral lessons about life, about taking short cuts, avoiding snakes and following the path of wisdom to a better life. Learn about Paths Of Wisdom HERE.

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Link to buy the Book of Happiness, inspired by British prime Minister David Cameron's Happiness IndexFootnotes & Corrections/Updates

*Big Idea Of The Year, is subject to U-turns without warning, notice or government comment.

Book Of Happiness offers and special incentive can change without notice.  Buy today before the current offer disappears forever.

(Note: Correction to original presentation video.  All funds will be devoted to the core creative projects rather than being redistributed to many smaller causes.  It's deemed the best way to focus efforts that can produce far greater results far more quickly than donations to many causes.)

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